Dominanta is a fast-growing pharmaceutical company with cutting-edge production facilities built and equipped in accordance with GMP requirements.

VetProm, a pharmaceutical plant in Bulgaria

VetProm is a latest-generation production platform covering more than 50,000 square meters. Over the last 60 years, we have registered 44 trademarks and launched more than 100 medicines. This is our history and our sustainable future.

VetProm operates in full compliance with Bulgarian laws, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and Bulgarian national standard (BDS) ISO 22716:2008. We are confident in our capabilities and recognize our responsibility!

That is why we always control the process.

To make sure that we do everything right from the very beginning, we control the incoming raw materials used for the production of medicines. VetProm's highest priority is to expand its product portfolio! In 2018, aware of the difficulties associated with this process, the Company invested in the creation of an advanced Research and Development Center, where highly qualified experts implement all stages in the development of new medicines, starting from the creation of their composition, packaging and production technology and justification of their shelf life. It is very important for us where our finished products are stored.

To that end, we have built storage facilities covering 2,300 square meters. There is a warm corridor between the storage and production premises.

We have installed more than 20 climate chambers to make sure products are kept in the appropriate climate environment until released from the pharmaceutical complex. VetProm—caring about your health since 1956!


The Vietnamese company Danaphawas founded in 1965.

It is located in Thanh Khê district, Da Nang, not far from the bay.

Danapha has been part of Vietnam's pharmaceutical industry for half a century and is very proud of this fact.

Danapha owns two GMP-compliant plants with closed cutting-edge production lines. Due to its own laboratory and investments, Danapha has extensive experience in medicine research.

The medicine production company occupies a total area of 33,600 square meters, and the invested capital totals 90 billion dongs.

Danapha produces over 120 types of products in various dosage forms: tablets, capsules, injections, powders, oral liquids, topical solutions, liniments and ointments.

Danapha is an innovator in the research and development of medicinal products. It is confidence in the results, the enthusiasm and determined effort of more than one generation of managers and employees.

It is time to look back on the journey we have made and head towards our sustainable further development.

Strong foundation is the key to future growth.

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The plant in Bulgaria
Production facilities, Bulgaria.
Production site in Bulgaria.
Class A+ logistics complex in Podolsky District