Krya-Krya Returns

The legendary products from the popular Bulgarian brand, Krya-Krya, disappeared from the Russian market seven years ago but have now returned better than ever. Besides its widely-used shampoo, its line of baby cosmetics now includes creams, bath foam, bath gel, liquid soap, body oil and milk.

In total, the company has 22 baby care products developed using cutting-edge technologies for highly-sensitive baby skin. New Krya-Krya products contain natural components, plant extracts, vitamins and oils and do not have any sulphates, parabens or dyes. Krya-Krya shampoos protect the skin from over-drying and do not cause tears when washing. The hypoallergenic properties of the products have been clinically tested. The Krya-Krya aroma that reminds us of our own happy moments from our childhood has remained unchanged. Tradition is one of the key values of the products. Today's parents will fondly remember their mothers gently bathing them with this gentle foaming shampoo with its unique aroma.

Such memories remain with us for a long time. And now consumers have the chance to repeat this ritual with their children. We are renewing this lost tradition with improved products based on modern requirements and with a convenient packaging design.

Krya-Krya is one of the most legendary and popular brands and has offered its high-quality and time-tested baby cosmetics at affordable prices for almost half a century. All products are manufactured with strict quality control using proven formulas in accordance with EU requirements and good manufacturing practices.

So, it's time for Krya-Krya?